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Inspired by Cristobal For Her - C117 | Crystal Ball

Inspired by Cristobal For Her - C117 | Crystal Ball

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Make heads turn with C117 - ‘Crystal Ball', the ultimate feminine fragrance from Black Point. This luxurious eau de parfum is crafted with exclusive, long-discontinued top notes of fig leaf, carnation and bergamot to captivate the senses. Middle notes of peony, freesia and jasmine add a delicate yet powerful touch while base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli provide a sensuous finish. Get your hands on this rare, limited edition scent today!

Top Notes - Fig Leaf, Carnation, Bergamot

Middle Notes - Peony, Freesia, Jasmine

Base Notes - Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Created with notes similar to the women's fragrance Cristobal®  

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Customer Reviews

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Almost the same. Doesn't last as long but I’m so happy to have found this!

Isabella Woods
Amazing interpretation of Cristobal for Her

Like many women in perfume forums (including on here), I was in love with Cristobal the moment I discovered it in 2000 when living in Vienna!
I was unbelievably dismayed when they discontinued it. Not only is it my favourite scent ever (and I am very interested in it and often try new things), but I used to receive so many compliments. Like others, I started to buy bottles from abroad – until a) it became c. £300 b) the perfume became a bit 'off' due to age and I saw no point in buying it.
I'd been thinking these past couple of years about trying to make it myself through a combination of essential oils, or by doing a perfume workshop.
Then a week ago I discovered this site and saw the reviews. I couldn't believe their raving but trusted the women who had loved the original as much as me so bought a 50ml bottle instantly because the price is so good!
They have done an incredible job at reproducing the essence of what Cristobal is: a warm, enveloping floral oriental. It makes me SO happy to be wearing this scent again – I feel more like myself!
The only thing I'd say is that it isn't 100% the same: the silage is a fair bit less, but then the original EDT didn't last so long. It just would be perfect if it lasted as long as the original – it lacks an 'oomph' ingredient of some kind.
But many congratulations to Black Point, and huge thanks! And I'll be looking further on the site...
PS I too had emailed the CEO of Givaudan about reviving Cristobal but received no response...

"Cristobal" Back for More

This is the 2nd bottle of Cristobal I've ordered recently. My daughter absolutely adores this so i had to reorder for her. I've only recently discovered this company. From the excellent customer service to the beautiful fragrances. Ive ordered many dupes of high end fragrances over the years but this company are by far the best i've ever used. As I've got older my skin struggles to hold a fragrance for very long. But Blackpoint Perfumes have designed a perfume that last a good 6 hrs on my skin. I love the great variety they have on their website. Definitely recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Came across this fab shop quite by chance. And so pleased that I did.
I ordered 3 different fragrances and this one inspired by "Christobal was outstanding. A sweet floriental that smells so so exquisite. I adore it.
Have to mention customer service. It is excellent. Practically next day delivery give or take a few hours and everything was packed beautifully with a free sample vial of perfume to try. I received Libre which i thought i wouldn't like. But I do.!!! So its on the list for next time. Thank you so much for a lovely shopping experience. 🥰🥰🥰

Mags Sergent
Fantastic copy

Cristobal was always my favourite perfume. I wore it for many years and was so sad when it was discontinued. I even wrote to Coty who own Balanciaga perfumes to ask them to reconsider their decision. They politely said No! However after years of being without it I have found this amazing perfume. It is identical and it lasts all day! I love it and will continue to buy. Thank you so much.