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Black Point Perfumes

Inspired by Blackberries and Bay Leaves For Her - J115

Inspired by Blackberries and Bay Leaves For Her - J115

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Introducing Black Point Perfumes' "J115", a captivating fragrance that weaves an enchanting tale of mystery and allure.

At first spray, the scent unfolds with the tantalizing sweetness of ripe blackberries dancing on the skin, evoking the fleeting magic of a moonlit orchard. As the night deepens, the heart of the fragrance emerges, where the aromatic essence of bay leaves envelops you in a cloak of intrigue.

Finally, as the scent settles, the warmth of cedarwood emerges from the shadows, grounding the fragrance in an embrace of sensual elegance. Together, these notes create a harmonious symphony that captures the essence of a moonlit rendezvous under a star-studded sky.

Dare to embark on a journey into the nocturnal realm with J115 and let its hypnotic aroma awaken your senses to the beauty of the night. 

Top Notes: Blackberry

Middle Notes: Bay Leaves

Base Notes: Cedarwood

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Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Goldsmith
Happy chance . 💕

A little while ago I sent for some of your samples. One of them being blackberry and Bay leaves. Well I absolutely adore it . Fresh pretty and summery. I can only afford samples as I am medically retired without pension, but this has become my signature fragrance. Many thanks. Marilyn. 💕