So What is Black Point Perfumes?

To put it simply, Black Point Perfumes specialises in designer inspired fragrances without the designer price tag. All our products are packaged using a simple and clean design to keep the cost as low as possible for our customers and to allow us to focus on what really matters - the scent itself.

Our business first opened its doors in April 2010 in Portadown, Northern Ireland. It began with my mum who had what we can only call a shopaholics addiction to perfumes which only naturally she passed on to her daughter. So when an opportunity to not only open up her own perfume shop, but open up a shop that made perfumes accessible to everyone came along - she could hardly pass that up. 
So now almost 15 years later, in spite of the numerous obstacles thrown our way we have continued to sell our products to customers across UK & Ireland. Never forgetting what motivated us to start this business in the first place - our goal of bringing luxury fragrances to every household. Our fragrances are also not tested on animals and contain only the highest quality ingredients to not only ensure longevity but also be kind to your skin. 
As of right now, we have over 200 scents to chose from for everyone, ranging from florals to fruit, citrus to sugars, or musk to oud wood. We are sure that you will find a fragrance that best helps describe what makes you, well YOU.
So what are you waiting for? Why not try our fragrances for yourself today for only 49p. (I mean I did tell you that we were affordable right?) Our fragrances are available exclusively on our website or in store at 3 Bridge Street, Lisburn, BT28 1XZ.
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